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Merchant House Celebrates First Birthday


Today Merchant House of Fleet Street celebrates a year since its opening. Sister bar to the rum and gin extravaganza that is Merchant House of Bowe Lane, this tucked away little bar specialises in whiskies of Ireland and the Scottish coast. Tania O’Donnell popped by for a dram or two… Nate Brown (pictured left), co-owner of the Merchant House bars, is unintentionally ...

Go Italian This World Gin Day

Tozi May2017 - PWF - 0171 Italian Gins at TOZI

Today is World Gin Day and it is almost sundowner time. Will you enjoy a classic martini or a Tom Collins or just a simple gin n’ tonic? If you’d rather someone else make the cocktails for you, head down to TOZI restaurant to enjoy their selection of Italian gins. This most London of spirits has glamorous cousins in Italy… ...